Headed by Dr Joachim von Heimburg, Basel, Switzerland, we now also offer support for Supervisory, Executive and Advisory Boards in corporations. This service is targeted at entire Boards or Chairmen/individual members who want to not only supervise and direct the present business but also make their company future-proof. This often requires more deeply understanding of their responsibility for and enlarging their role in mastering threats to and creating opportunities for their company.

We offer to be a sparring partner in:

·         Innovation trends, in particular in more deeply understanding of the power of new technologies and business models to disrupt the current business;

·         Innovation strategies, in particular enabling to simultaneously manage the present (to make money) and create the future;

·         Assessment of present innovation profile and future needs.

Our services comprise 3 steps:

·         Initial analysis – checking the present corporate innovation profile

·         Presentation(s) at Board meeting(s) to help define a powerful and sustainable innovation focus, create the needed strategy for implementation and share best practice / next practice

·         Follow-up to ensure anchoring in the operational organization to enable implementation throughout the organization.

Our concepts are supported by technology / software / Apps that ensure solutions are scalable and replicable.

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